Class BasicStringIncrementer

  extended by edu.byu.ece.edif.core.BasicStringIncrementer

public class BasicStringIncrementer
extends java.lang.Object

Provides methods for "incrementing" a String value. Incrementing is a convenient way of creating unique String names in a deterministic manner.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static char incrementDigit(char c)
          This method will perform an "increment" on a character.
static java.lang.String incrementString(java.lang.String str)
          Provide a new String
static java.lang.String incrementString(java.lang.String str, int origLength)
          Increment a string by appending a "_" + num to the end of it.
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Constructor Detail


public BasicStringIncrementer()
Method Detail


public static char incrementDigit(char c)
This method will perform an "increment" on a character. This method will sequence from 'a' to 'z' and then from '0' to '9'. After reaching '9', this method will return back to 'a'. This method will return 0 if the character is invalid.

This method is case insensitive and will return a lower case incremented character.

c - The character to increment.
The incremented character


public static java.lang.String incrementString(java.lang.String str)
Provide a new String

An incremented version of the passed in String object


public static java.lang.String incrementString(java.lang.String str,
                                               int origLength)
Increment a string by appending a "_" + num to the end of it. If there is already an "_" at the end, the number is simply incremented. The original length of the string should be passed in so that the method will be able to determine if the "_" has already been added by this method or not.

str - the String to increment
origLength - the original length of the string to increment
an incremented version of the string