Package edu.byu.ece.edif.core

Interface Summary
EdifBusNamingPolicy Defines an interface for different naming policies for multi-bit bus names.
EdifBusNetNamingPolicy Defines an interface for different naming policies for individual nets within a bus.
EdifNameable Used for names that require both the Nameable interface and the ability to be printed in the Edif format.
EdifNameClashPolicy An interface for describing a name clashing policy for elements that will be placed in an EdifNameSpace.
EdifNameSpace<E extends NamedPropertyObject> A group of Nameable objects each with a unique String name.
EdifOut Used for objects that can generate valid EDIF output.
EdifTypedValue Represents the typed value of the EDIF file
Nameable Used for objects that can be named with a String name.
NameSpaceResolver Resolves String name conflicts.
Properties Defines an interface for objects that can be annotated with Properties.
Trimable This interface is used for classes that can "trim" the data structures allocated by the class.

Class Summary
AbstractNameSpaceResolver Abstract class that contains methods for name space resolvers.
ArrayListNameSpaceResolver Implements a name space using an ArrayList.
AutoTest Designed for auto testing the functionality of the whole EDIF package.
BasicEdifBusNamingPolicy Basic implementation of the EdifBusNamingPolicy using regular expressions.
BasicEdifBusNetNamingPolicy Basic implementation of the EdifBusNetNamingPolicy using regular expressions.
BasicEdifNameClashPolicy Defines standard name clashing policies for EDIF name spaces.
BasicStringIncrementer Provides methods for "incrementing" a String value.
BooleanTypedValue Signifies that the EDIF file has a Boolean value type.
EdifCell Represents an EDIF cell definition.
EdifCellInstance Represents a specific instance of an EdifCell object.
EdifCellInterface Represents the port interface of an EdifCell object.
EdifComment Represents an EDIF comment.
EdifDesign Represents an EdifDesign within an EdifEnvironment object.
EdifEnvironment Represents an environment for representing EDIF circuits.
EdifHelpers Represents a place to experiment with new helper methods that may eventually be incorporated into the main Edif classes.
EdifLibrary Represents a library which is an ordered list of EdifCell objects.
EdifLibraryManager Represents and manages a list of related EDIF libraries (EdifLibrary).
EdifNameSpaceList<E extends NamedPropertyObject> A List implementation of the EdifNameSpace interface.
EdifNameSpaceMap<E extends NamedPropertyObject> A map implementation of the EdifNameSpace interface.
EdifNameSpaceUtils An abstract implementation of the EdifNameSpace.
EdifNet Represents an EDIF signal net.
EdifPort Represents an Edif port, which belongs to a specific EdifCell.
EdifPortRef Represents a port reference within an EdifEnvironment.
EdifPrintWriter Used for generating valid Edif text output.
EdifSingleBitPort Represents an Edif single bit port, which belongs to a specific EdifPort.
EdifUtils Contains a collection of static utility methods.
ExpValue Represents a base number with an exponent value.
HashMapNameSpaceResolver Implements an unordered name space using a HashMap.
IntegerTypedValue Signifies that the EDIF file has an Integer value type.
MultiNamedObject When doing a compare on this object, it has multiple names, so the String passed-in for comparison will be compared against all of its names.
NamedObject A named String object with a valid EDIF name.
NamedObjectCompare Compares NamedObject objects.
NamedPropertyObject Represents a container class that contains an EdifNameable object (to define the name of this object) as well as a PropertyList object to store all properties of the object.
Property Specifies a String name/value pair to describe an EDIF property.
PropertyList Provides a LinkedHashMap of Property objects.
RenamedObject Represents Edif names that are renamed using the RENAME keyword.
ScaledInteger Signifies that the EDIF file has an Integer value type.
StringTypedValue Represents a String value type in an EDIF structure.

Exception Summary
EdifException Represents an abstract edif exception.
EdifRuntimeException Contains error information in regard to errors in the EDIF processing.
InvalidEdifNameException Indicates an invalid EDIF string name.