Class BasicEdifEnvironmentCopyReplace

  extended by
      extended by
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public class BasicEdifEnvironmentCopyReplace
extends AbstractEdifEnvironmentCopyReplace

Provides a mechanism to copy an EdifEnvironment and replace instances in the environment with different instances. This class overrides several of the parent class methods to operate differently during the copy process. This class does not actually do the replacement. Instead, it builds a copy and saves all the information necessary for adding replacement circuitry at a later time by a different class.

Field Summary
protected  java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> _cellTypesToReplace
protected  java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> _oldCellsNOTToReplace
protected  java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> _oldCellsToReplace
Fields inherited from class
Fields inherited from class
_cellMap, _instanceMap, _libMap, _netMap, _newEnv, _origEnv, _portMap
Constructor Summary
BasicEdifEnvironmentCopyReplace(EdifEnvironment env, java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> replacements)
          Perform the copy.
Method Summary
protected  void addChildEdifCellInstance(EdifCell origCell, EdifCell newCell, EdifCellInstance oldChildInstance)
          Overrides the parent addChildEdifCellInstance method.
protected  EdifCell matchingReplacementCell(EdifCellInstance oldChildInstance)
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addEdifPortRef, attachesToReplacedCell, getReplacementContexts
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addChildEdifCellInstances, addEdifPorts, addNet, addNets, copyEdifCell, copyEdifCell, copyEdifCell, copyEdifLibrary, copyEdifLibrary, createEdifEnvironment, createEdifEnvironment, createTopCell, createTopDesign, getNewEnvironment, setEdifEnvironmentDateAuthorProgramVersion
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Field Detail


protected java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> _oldCellsToReplace


protected java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> _oldCellsNOTToReplace


protected java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> _cellTypesToReplace
Constructor Detail


public BasicEdifEnvironmentCopyReplace(EdifEnvironment env,
                                       java.util.ArrayList<EdifCell> replacements)
                                throws EdifNameConflictException
Perform the copy. Note that several of the methods in this class will be called by the parent methods.

env -
replacements - A list of EdifCell objects that should be replaced.
Method Detail


protected void addChildEdifCellInstance(EdifCell origCell,
                                        EdifCell newCell,
                                        EdifCellInstance oldChildInstance)
                                 throws EdifNameConflictException
Overrides the parent addChildEdifCellInstance method. This method will check to see if the instance is of a type that needs to be replaced. If so, it will not add the instance and create a ReplacementContext for this instance. If it doesn't match, the instance will be added as usual.

addChildEdifCellInstance in class EdifEnvironmentCopy


protected EdifCell matchingReplacementCell(EdifCellInstance oldChildInstance)