Class LUTReplacer

  extended by

public class LUTReplacer
extends java.lang.Object

Removes SRLs and RAMs from an EDIF file. This is used to replace cells in a netlist that are known to have problems when scrubbing is employed. This class will perform all LUT replacement to generate a safe design.

This class relies heavily on and

This class provides a command-line executable interface (it has a main method). The user specifies the EDIF file, following the conventions of the JEdif tools. The resulting EDIF file carries the same filename as the original, with "_noSRL" appended. The resulting top-level EdifCell has the same name as the original EdifCell.

For a precise list of the cells replaced by this class, please see the source code. Examples include RAM16X1D, RAM16X1D_1, SRLC16, SRLC16E_1.


Field Summary
protected  int _numReplaced
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          A simple main class that can be used to perform this LUT replacement.
static EdifEnvironment replaceLUTs(EdifEnvironment env, log, out)
          This static method used to perform LUT replacement.
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Field Detail


protected int _numReplaced
Constructor Detail


public LUTReplacer()
Method Detail


public static EdifEnvironment replaceLUTs(EdifEnvironment env,
This static method used to perform LUT replacement. It returns a new EdifEnvironment that is a copy of the old with LUTs replaced.

env - EdifEnvironment containing SRLs or RAMs
out - output PrintStream object
EdifEnvironment in which all SRLs have been replaced with LUTs


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
A simple main class that can be used to perform this LUT replacement.