Class SerializationNameReferenceCache<T_OBJ,T_REF extends EdifGenericNameReference>

  extended by edu.byu.ece.edif.util.export.serialize.SerializationNameReferenceCache<T_OBJ,T_REF>
Type Parameters:
T_OBJ - this is the actual EDIF object class
T_REF - this is the name reference class

public class SerializationNameReferenceCache<T_OBJ,T_REF extends EdifGenericNameReference>
extends java.lang.Object

This is a name reference cache used when serializing EDIF objects using the custom name reference object input/output classes. The purpose of the cache is so that duplicate copies of the same name reference won't get serialized, taking up more space than is necessary in the output file. Duplicate copies would still get resolved to the correct real EDIF object upon deserialization, but it isn't as efficient. There is a separate cache for objects that should be resolved upon deserialization and objects that shouldn't be resolved upon deserialization. So there may in fact be (at most) two copies of a name reference that refer to the same actual EDIF object. This is necessary so that a reference to an EDIF object can be serialized both as a 'top level' reference and as part of different reference. The only objects that shouldn't be resolved upon deserialization are name reference objects that are memebers of other name reference objects (i.e. an EdifCellNameReference has an EdifLibraryNameReference included in it. If it were resolved to an EdifLibrary upon deserialization, the process wouldn't work right). So all 'top-level' name reference objects should go in the 'do resolve' cache while name references that are part of other name references go in the 'do not resolve' cache.

Field Summary
protected  java.util.Map<T_OBJ,T_REF> _noResolveCache
protected  java.util.Map<T_OBJ,T_REF> _resolveCache
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void cacheReference(T_OBJ obj, T_REF ref)
          Add a cache entry for the given object and reference.
 T_REF getReference(T_OBJ obj, boolean shouldResolve)
          Get the reference in the cache for the given object and resolution status.
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Field Detail


protected java.util.Map<T_OBJ,T_REF extends EdifGenericNameReference> _resolveCache


protected java.util.Map<T_OBJ,T_REF extends EdifGenericNameReference> _noResolveCache
Constructor Detail


public SerializationNameReferenceCache()
Method Detail


public void cacheReference(T_OBJ obj,
                           T_REF ref)
Add a cache entry for the given object and reference.

obj -
ref -


public T_REF getReference(T_OBJ obj,
                          boolean shouldResolve)
Get the reference in the cache for the given object and resolution status. If there is no reference in the cache for the given object, return null

obj -
shouldResolve -
the object reference or null