Class AbstractEdifGraph

  extended by edu.byu.ece.graph.AbstractGraph
      extended by edu.byu.ece.graph.BasicGraph
          extended by edu.byu.ece.edif.util.graph.AbstractEdifGraph
All Implemented Interfaces:
DirectedGraph,, java.lang.Cloneable
Direct Known Subclasses:
EdifCellInstanceCollectionGraph, EdifCellInstanceGraph, EdifOutputPortRefGraph

public abstract class AbstractEdifGraph
extends BasicGraph

An abstract class that represents an EdifCell as a Graph data structure. This abstract class is used for EDIF graph classes that store the connectivity information as a Mapping between node objects and their input and output edges. Default implementations are provided for getAcestors, getDescendents, getSuccessors, and getPredecessor. Extending classes must implement: getInputEdges, getOutputEdges, getNodes and getEdges. This class also provides method for determining all ancestors and descendants.

Created on Jan 23, 2006
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class edu.byu.ece.graph.BasicGraph
_nodes, _nodeSinkMap, _nodeSourceMap
Constructor Summary
AbstractEdifGraph(AbstractEdifGraph graph)
AbstractEdifGraph(int i)
Method Summary
abstract  EdifCell getCell()
          Provide the EdifCell object that this graph is based on.
Methods inherited from class edu.byu.ece.graph.BasicGraph
addEdge, addNode, addNodes, clone, containsNode, getEdge, getEdges, getEdges, getInputEdges, getNodes, getNodesWithNoInputEdges, getNodesWithNoOutputEdges, getOutputEdges, getSinkNodes, getSourceNodes, getSubGraph, getSubGraph2, invert, removeEdge, removeEdges, removeNode, removeNode, topologicalSort
Methods inherited from class edu.byu.ece.graph.AbstractGraph
_getAncestorsOrDescendents, _getAncestorsOrDescendents, getAncestors, getAncestors, getDescendents, getDescendents, getPredecessors, getSuccessors, toDotty, toString
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equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public AbstractEdifGraph()


public AbstractEdifGraph(int i)


public AbstractEdifGraph(AbstractEdifGraph graph)
Method Detail


public abstract EdifCell getCell()
Provide the EdifCell object that this graph is based on.

EdifCell object used to create this graph.