Package edu.byu.ece.edif.util.graph

Provides a variety of data structures and algorithms for creating and manipulating graphs based on a Edif cell structure


Interface Summary
EdifCellInstanceCollection A Collection of EdifCellInstances.
EdifPortRefEdge Represents an edge corresponding between two different EdifPortRef objects.

Class Summary
AbstractEdifGraph An abstract class that represents an EdifCell as a Graph data structure.
EdifCellDFS A depth first search algorithm using the EDIF classes only.
EdifCellInstanceCollectionGraph A graph view of an EdifCell object in which the graph nodes are collections of instances (EdifCellInstanceCollection objects).
EdifCellInstanceCollectionLink An EdifLink class used in EdifCellInstanceCollectionGraph to show the connections between nodes (any object).
EdifCellInstanceEdge Represents a mathematical graph edge between a source EdifPortRef object and a sink EdifPortRef object associated with a single EdifNet object.
EdifCellInstanceGraph Provides a mathematical graph view of an EdifCell.
EdifCellInstanceGroupings This class organizes EdifCellInstances into logical groups.
EdifOutputPortRefGraph Provides a mathematical graph view of an EdifCell that uses EdifPortRef objects as nodes of the graph.
ObjectPortRefMap Provides a mapping between EdifCellInstance and top-level EdifSingleBitPort objects and EdifPortRef objects
SCCInfo This class holds the information about the Strongly Connected Components in an EdifCell in String format.
SourceEPREdge Allows sink object to be different from sink EPR.

Enum Summary

Package edu.byu.ece.edif.util.graph Description

Provides a variety of data structures and algorithms for creating and manipulating graphs based on a Edif cell structure

The graphs supported in this package are all based on the Ptolemy graph package. This Java graph package provides a representation of both undirected and directed graphs. In addition, it provides a variety of graph algorithms for analyzing and manipulating graphs.

This package provides the following functionality:

The following graphs will be supported in this package:


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