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Power Studies

Previous studies at Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) investigated the area and speed costs of triple modular redundancy (TMR) to ensure that designs are resiliant in the face of single event upsets (SEU). This study explores the power costs of TMR. An important part of this study involves ensuring the reliability of our power measurment tools. JPower and XPower are the two power measurment tools we used.

JPower is a tool that measures the amount of current flowing in the SLAAC-1V board. The 'J' in JPower is derived from Jason Zimmerman who made the tool operational while working at Los Alamos National Labs during the summer of 2003.

XPower is a Xilinx tool which estimates the power consumption of a given placed FPGA design. The design inputted to XPower can either be in the form of a *.par.ncd file or *.ncd and *.pcf files.

The purpose of calibrating the two different current measuring tools is to help in LANL's TMR studies. More specifically, LANL wants to measure the power costs of TMR.

Study Results
The results of the two different power measurement tools are presented here. Along with callibration results, we discover the power costs of TMR.

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